Кори санҷишӣ барои синфи 7 (Present Tense, харидкунӣ)

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I. Калимаҳои мувофиқро интихоб намуда ба ҷои нуқтаҳо гузоред (10 хол)

  • 1.I… shopping every day
a) ask;
b) like;
c) go.
  • 2.My mother … to the baker’s.
b) goes;
c) like.
  • 3.She … fruit at the greengrocer’s.
a) buys;
b) buy;
c) buying.
  • 4.We buy … at the greengrocer’s.
a) shoes;
b) sugar;
c) vegetables.
  • 5. I went to the butcher’s and … meat.
a) buy;
b) bought;
c) buys.

II. Аз калимаҳои зерин ҷумла созед! (10 хол)

1.Sam, shopping, likes, wisely, and, money, spend, can.
2.Buy, for, food, cats, my, I.
3.Every, my, day, mum, shopping, goes.
4.Your, is, money, where?
5.Likes, my, tea, sister, with, sugar.

III. Замони мувофиқро истифода бурда ҷумлаҳоро пурра кунед! (Present Continuous Tense/ Present Indefinite Tense) (5 хол)

1.She ( to go) to shop now.
2.My sister ( to read) the book every day.
3.He often ( to buy) bread from the shop.
4.We (to watch) TV now.
5.I usually ( to cook) dinner at 2 o’clock.

IV. Калимаи изофаро ёбед! (5 хол)

1.bread, sugar, curtains, sweets;
2.a wardrobe, a supermarket, a dairy, a baker’s;
3.a tiger, a bar of chocolate, a hedgehog, a squirrel, a donkey;
4.a shop, a store, a women, a salesperson, a department;
5.to run, to shop, to jump, to skip.

V. Калимаи мувофиқро интихоб намуда ба ҷои нуқтаҳо гузоред (10 хол)'

  • 1.There is … snow in the garden.
a) a lot of;
b) many;
c) much.
  • 2.How … milk did you drink?
a) much;
b) many;
c) few.
  • 3.We have got … bars of chocolate.
a) a little;
b) many;
c) a lot of.
  • 4.I spend … of time at school.
a) a lot of:
b) many;
c) a few.
  • 5.There are … flowers in my room.
a) much;
b) a little;
c) a lot of.