Кори санҷишӣ барои синфи 11

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Кори санҷиши барои синфҳои 11 (кор бо матн)

1. Read the text. (5 points)

A well known journalist went to interview Jack Parrish in an expensive New York restaurant. The journalist was late, but fortunately when he arrived, he found the great man was not there yet. Some time later, a waiter approached him and said that there was a young man at the door who claimed that he was supposed to be having lunch with the journalist. The waiter thought that the young man was just trying to be funny, because he said that his name was Jack Parrish. And it was. The twenty-four year old is becoming famous for the fact that he does not look like the owner of one of the world’s most successful computer companies. His manner is polite, his voice is quite and his clothes are fashionable and expensive. Two years ago, when he started his own company nobody heard of him. Friends say that he has not changed at all. He has not even moved out of his parents’ house. So what does he do with his money? It is all in his company. But some people in the computer world are getting nervous – and they are right. It won’t long before someone in another company picks up the phone to hear that quite voice saying he’s the new boss.

2. Choose the correct variant. (20 points)

1) Someone could find out from this text.

  • a) How Jack Parrish runs his business
  • b) What Jack Parrish said in an interview
  • c) How to get a job in Jack Parrish’s company
  • d) What the writer thinks Jack Parrish will do next
  • e) What mistakes has Jack done

2. What is writer trying to do in the text?

  • a) to explain how to do a lot of money
  • b) to give some information about a businessman
  • c) to give some information about a journalist
  • d) to explain how to interview successful people
  • e) to give information about the waiter

3. The waiter thought the young man at the door ….

  • a) was a journalist
  • b) was behaving rudely
  • c) was not as old as he said he was
  • d) was pretending to be someone else
  • e) was a poor man

4. What is the writer’s attitude to Jack Parrish?

  • a) he is more important that he appears
  • b) he is a good example for young people
  • c) he should be more careful how he runs his business
  • d) he would be an interesting person to work for
  • e) he doesn’t want to know anything about him